- Gum Cosmetic Surgery: Gums can protrude and look unattractive. Reshaping along with applying laminate to the area can even out minor issues. What exactly does a cosmetic dentist do?

- Teeth Whitening: If the teeth are stained and yellow from age or lifestyle choices, a bleaching agent in the form of Suit PF Series a gel, strips or liquid can be applied in order to return them to ivory white.

If patients have smiles that they often try to hide, it’s time for them to consult a cosmetic dentist in order to find out how they can achieve a beautiful grin that they can be proud of.

- Porcelain: Inlays or onlays may be attached in order to cover cracks or unsightly metal fillings. The damage may be a crack or simply a cavity that has progressed to the point where the nerve needs a new cover.

- Dental Implants: If a person is missing one or more teeth, dental implants are a permanent and natural looking correction. Tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine and some medications can cause the yellowing problem.

- Full or partial dental bridges: Having well made and proper fitting dentures can make all the difference between bridgework that is uncomfortable and unrealistic looking and bridgework that is gorgeous and trouble-free. Implants may be attached directly to the jawbone or if there isn’t enough bone to produce a successful result, grafts may be used.

- Porcelain Veneers: This procedure will cover up discolored, cracked, and uneven teeth.

- Contouring: There are some contouring and reshaping procedures which only take a visit or two in the dental chair. Many patients have decided to replace old and worn out silver fillings with this Cream Jar JD alternative.A beautiful smile is an important feature in both business and personal life; a cosmetic dentist can make it look the absolute best. There are methods available today that include clear braces which are hardly noticeable or those that only need to be worn for a short duration.

- Braces: The braces used to straighten today’s mouthfuls of teeth are different from the old metal brackets used years ago. Veneers create an extremely attractive smile which can be quite a drastic improvement. Cosmetic surgical procedures can alter this in order to give a lovely improved look. A regular dentist will keep a mouth healthy and cavity free, but one that specializes in the cosmetic aspects of dentistry can greatly improve the appearance of the teeth. If the nerve is exposed, a root canal may be necessary in order to keep the area pain free, as well.

- Crowns: Dental crowns are used when there is a need for a porcelain cap over a damaged tooth.


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Although there are specifically cosmetic dentist practices as well, most often health and beauty go together.

Some dental offices handle what would seem to be more of a required set of procedures, ones that are not necessarily considered aesthetic changes but invaluable ones. For example, when you loose a tooth you can get a dental implant and your dentist will fashion a new replacement tooth under it. This is not considered "elective" and is often covered in full or in part by your insurance. You can also visit their website or talk to their office staff over the phone. There are some advances in technology that even use lasers to whiten your teeth almost instantly! You can also opt for natural colored fillings and avoid that silvery look when you open your mouth wide.The field of dentistry is now taking the beauty of your smile just as seriously as you overall general dental health. 

If you're looking for a cosmetic dentist, first ask what your current dentist has available to you. It's as simple as bringing it cosmetic bottle up after your next appointment during your after cleaning consultation. This is sometimes used in the case of a single tooth or a row of teeth. If you could, what would you change about your mouth? Whiter? Straighter? Replace that missing tooth? All it takes is the first question, "What do you have to offer in cosmetic dental procedures?". 

Your regular dentist often doubles as your cosmetic dentist. There are prescription strength whitening options, substances which you can use over the course of a few days or weeks in the convenience of your own home. After you talk about the health of your teeth, your dental maintenance habits of flossing and brushing, you can talk about other cosmetic services. If you're curious as to whether your dentist offers these services after your checkup, you can consult with them on the beauty of your teeth. There are also in-office visits, where over a series of appointments your teeth get whiter and whiter. These are porcelain caps placed over your teeth and cemented into place to give you perfect shape and color. Today, there are a lot of dental health practices that have a comprehensive list of cosmetic services.

Another option if you have particularly weak teeth is veneers. Veneers have gone in and out of popularity but most cosmetic dentists still approve of this method. Losing a tooth does put a gap in your smile, but a mouth also doesn't function well when you're missing a tooth.

A very popular procedure performed by a cosmetic dentist is teeth whitening. They may refer you to a specialist or they would be happy to handle many additional procedures themselves. The same argument can be made for less expensive or temporary options Sun Stick like dentures and bridges. This will not only give you a complete smile but you'll be able to speak and eat as you would normally do. There are a few over-the-counter options for you, but likely, the most effective option is working with a dentist